No Longer Human

I chose No Longer Human by Osamu Dazui based upon information gleaned from Modern Japanese Novelist. I was not disappointed in the selection. The story begin with the narrator , Yozo telling us that a large part of his life as been of much shame. Yozo was born into a rich family and never lacked for anything, food, education, warm home.

“I have never felt hunger. I have never experienced that feeling.” However his loneliness and awkwardness comes early in the story. Whenever he would go to a friends house after schoo. he would eat everything placed before him with Great difficulty. Yozo finds conversation with others to be a arduous task as well and that a is how he invented his clowning. Depite missing lots of school du to his sickliness , even a whole year once, he was a bright child often referred to as “brains” by other in his class.

Women instinctively were able to sniff out his loneliness. They discovered he could keep a love secret . Thus he became popular with girls for a variety of reason to include physical aspects of love. However, it was all under the radar. He primary used his clowning to draw attention away from his awkwardness .

Cherry blossom time found him in a different school were he was the newcomer. He stuck with the clowning. There was a very slow witted and clumsy classmate that all the others ignored. Once after little episode of comedic acts Takeichi discretely tells Yozo,”you did that on purpose”. Yozo felt terror inside himself as though the slowest child in the class discovered his facade.

Moving on to university women continued to pursue him again for his love secret abilities . He quickly tired to the post coital chatter as the university women would quickly direct the talk to their plight . His time spent with prostitutes he explains was better because “they were cheerful”.

“it was night of liberation and happiness.But it last only one night. When I awoke and got out of bed, I was once again the shallow poseur of a clown. The weak fear happiness itself. Before I got wounded I spread my usual smokescreen of farce.”

Ultimately moving into a boarding house he begins referring to himself as a parasite. He knew that he was liked by other people but he lacked the ability to demonstrate friendship to others because of his anxiety. He doubted that human could really possess that faculty and that others faked that emotion .

Ultimately he meets a young lady, gives up his heavy drinking and tries to lie a normal life. Yet not all is good.

We were married.The joy I obtained as a result of this action was not necessarily great or


but the suffering with ensued was a staggering – so far surpassing what I had imagined that

even describing it as horrendous would not cover it. The world after all was still a place of

of bottomless horror.